Overheard at the dialysis unit

I was sitting inside the dialysis unit at NephroPlus doing my work at the nursing station desk when the nephrologist from UK I have been talking to came on her daily rounds. She was reviewing all the patients one by one and she came to a young 28 year old guy who has been with us for the past half year or so.

After some discussion, I heard the guy ask, "Can I have one liter of water right now? They can pull it off during dialysis, right?"

All of us including the nephrologist, the other patients on dialysis and I burst out laughing!

In the same breath, he said, "Doctor, I feel like having six liters of water every day!"

No one except a dialysis patient can understand these emotions.


poulami said…
Hi Kamal,
your blog is awesome. As a wife of a CKD patient,I really get a lot of information from this blog. Generally I do not comment in here, but read each and every entry related to health.Just wanted to say thank you for what ever you are doing to spread awareness and information about this disease.Keep it up:)