Pulling off more than I can handle

Most people on dialysis have this irresistible urge to pull off more fluid during a dialysis session than is actually required. The reason is very simple. We have to restrict our fluid intake. Most of us are allowed no more than a liter of fluids in 24 hours. And this includes anything that is fluid at room temperature. Curd, ice-cream, tea and of course water among other things all put together should not cross more than a liter.

So, when we get off dialysis, the meter starts ticking and every sip of water we take counts towards the fluid weight gain between two dialysis sessions. All the fluid that is present in our body above the 'dry weight' (weight of the body minus any extra fluid that would have been removed if the kidneys were working) is usually targeted for removal during a session.

If too little is removed, you need to watch your fluid intake very carefully until your next session - when you can pull off the extra fluid. Removing too much can cause your Blood Pressure to fall or can cause muscle cramps. Most people on dialysis prefer the latter! Because we hate, simply hate restricting our fluids! The basic restriction is bad enough. Further restricting because you did not remove enough is simply not acceptable.

This is what happened to me recently. I tried removing too much fluid and this caused the low BP.

Most family members of people on dialysis just cannot understand why we do this. Technicians and nurses rarely even make the effort. They treat it like another problem to deal with during dialysis sessions - one that increases their work.

This can be understood only by someone who goes through this. Someone on dialysis.


aarti said…
hi Kamal

I am Aarti. I have read all your blogs and I am amazed to see how you have handled this. I wanna write to you separately to seek some advise on basis of your experience . Can I get your e mail address.

madhava said…
this gives us one experience. to savour the taste of water. we feel it is divine , an elixir, to relish each drop of water. that too on the day of hd, after we finish hd. in summer this feeling is heightened and i feel water is God's best creation ever and a gift to his other creations. when others just gulp it down and waste the left over of a bottle we just watch it, as we know now how important it is to all of us.
Dope for Hope said…
Hi Kamal,

Tried mailing you on this address but could not.

Is there any other address.

Kamal D Shah said…
I use that all the time. Otherwise please try kamal@nephroplus.com