Yesterday, I did the unthinkable

Yesterday, I went out for a drink with some folks.

I ordered a mocktail and some bruschetta and made myself comfortable on the sofa-like seating they had at the bar. The bruschetta was good and the mocktail was tasty. It was served in quite a big glass. I wasn't dialyzing yesterday - it was Thursday. In fact, I mentioned to one of the people on the table, who asked me if I drank and I replied that I did not, that I wasn't supposed to drink even the mocktail since I was supposed to watch my fluid intake.

Under normal circumstances, I do not leave liquid in a glass. Even if it is water. If I am served liquid, I finish it. No exceptions. So, I usually rarely fill up a glass of water. I feel guilty. Two half glasses is fine. But never one full glass! Even though I am on nocturnal and can afford to have a full glass, the medical community has gotten me used to never having a full glass! Damn them!

But yesterday was different. I was sipping the mocktail slowly, enjoying every sip. I was half way through. I left the rest! I don't know why. It was not like it was not tasty. It was very good. But for some reason, I drank only half. Maybe because I was not dialyzing yesterday?

When I went home and checked my weight, I was only 1.5 kgs above my dry weight! Drat, I thought to myself; should have had the full glass. Only 1.5 kgs in one day? Even conventional dialyzers do better than that! And then I had a horrible thought. Am I becoming a compliant patient? Nooooo! Spare me!