One way not to proselytize

For the last few months, every Sunday morning at 6, an autorickshaw roams around in our locality and on the loudspeaker begins a sermon in Telugu. The voice is not pleasant. The sermon lasts about twenty minutes and then some music is played for a couple of minutes. The intent is obvious.

I have nothing against any religion. To each his own. However I am dead against this intrusive attempt to proselytize. The worst part about it is that it is entirely ineffective. Who would be willing to listen to a horrible voice trying to thrust religion down your throat at 6 on a Sunday morning? Anyone thinking about converting would have second thoughts!

Religion is a highly personal thing. It should never be worn on your sleeve. I wrote about this here and here earlier too. It has now spread to almost all religions. Its almost as if they are each trying to outdo the other in being 'heard'!

I doubt if any religion was like this a few centuries back. They have all evolved so much. Most have moved into becoming more external rather than internal. More about show, less about reality. More about competition, less about inner introspection. The clergy are often to blame.

Even my own religion has fallen prey to this trend.