Steve Jobs - the book

I just finished reading Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson. It is a brilliant book. It takes us right through  Jobs' childhood up to the time just before he died. It brings us perspectives from Jobs, his family, colleagues, adversaries and many others. I read it entirely on my iPad and iPhone. The beauty of the seamless integration between the devices championed by Jobs was evident from this one fact: when I left the book on the iPad after reading for a while and then took it up a little later on the iPhone, the book on the iPhone opened up exactly where I left it at on the iPad!

Isaacson was called by Jobs to write this book. Jobs knew that books would be written about him after he was dead. They would not be able to get his side of the story. He wanted to correct that.

Jobs has often been portrayed in the media as someone who easily rubs people the wrong way, can be brutally frank and critical and tells it like it is. He can also be insulting. The book confirms this. However, this, in conjunction with the 'reality distortion field' led him to inspire people to do better and make such great products.

People have also criticized Jobs for the 'closed' nature of Apple products and the fact that Apple controls the entire eco-system around its products. The thing to realize is that this is the only way the experience while using these products can be seamless and enjoyable. The little thing I described in the beginning of this post is only possible if the devices are 'closed'.

I have a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPad. I never have a problem with crashing or hanging computers, viruses, transferring my music and books between devices and so many other things people around me working on Windows, Linux, Android and what-have-you complain about. iCloud is also such an amazing service that it takes this whole syncing business to an entirely new level.

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs has made a dent in the universe. Thousands of people around the world have experienced pure joy from the many products (and movies) that he has produced. He will be remembered for a long, long time.