Trying to figure out the Effigent bond

On 25th December this year, former 'Effigentians' had the second reunion. It was great fun. We had some games, lunch and a whole lot of catching up.

When I look back at the gathering and also the years in Effigent, I wonder what it was about Effigent that brought everyone so close, what it was about Effigent that gives many people goosebumps even today, what it was about Effigent that was so magical?

I had written about this during Effigent's last few months here.

I still do not have any perfect answer.

I just leave you with the video that I put together when the consulting division was sold to another company:


Kiran Kumar. G said…
Exactly Kamal, even today my best workplace, best fun, and best friends are from Effigent. It is pure and magical bonding for everyone.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good case-study for an aspiring MBA grad :)

Memorable people, place, work culture!

I pass by TSR complex (effigent) office now and then when in secunderabad and I always look at that building recalling effigent memories.