Fresenius must explain

In a very concerning post, Dr. Peter Laird says, "The jury is still out on whether FMC bought these companies to expand home dialysis options or instead to stifle competition with their own dialysis oligarchy. The only proof of the former will be the actual release of sorbent technology for clinical testing and rapid penetration of the home dialysis market. Until then, all we can ask is where have they gone for we know that the good, they die young."

'These companies' refers to Renal Solutions and XCorporeal, both of which had portable home hemodialysis machines, one almost ready to market and the other ready for clinical trials. Fresenius Medical Care bought both these companies. We have not heard anything about these machines since the acquisitions.

I will really be happy if Fresenius proves us all wrong and releases home hemodialysis solutions better and more accessible than those available currently. I have been using a Fresenius machine for almost six years now and have received excellent support from the company on everything. So, I really have no personal reason to complain about them.

However, this is a serious concern and it would be great if Fresenius explained where they are with these machines or a suitable portable home hemodialysis solution. I somehow don't believe that home hemodialysis will ever cannibalize in-center dialysis all that much. Very few people will ever switch to home hemo despite all the advantages.


Anonymous said…
Fresenius is working on it. This article is about their wearable artifical kidney project from their 2009 "In Touch" magazine, page 16. At the time, they are looking to half the amount of water needed so that it wears lighter.

Right now, they have this "portable dialysis" solution re-branded to DialiSorb. This is the website:
Anonymous said…
Link to Fresenius's In Touch magazine about their wearable kidney project on page 16.
Here it is:
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks so much for the links. I will go through them and post an update.