How Facebook's tagging ruined my new year's eve

So there I was happily partying away last night when something terrible happened.

A friend tagged me on his Facebook picture. This wasn't a real picture as in 'real picture' but a collage of motley pictures which did not even have me in them. But my enterprising friend decide he wanted to show off his artwork (done on Photoshop?) to the rest of the world. So, he uploaded the pic to Facebook and tagged every single friend on his Facebook to it.

Chaos followed.

Now it was New Year's eve. So, many enterprising friends of this friend of mine decided they have to appreciate my friend's creative collaging skills. So, many of them started commenting on them. Now, because I, unfortunately, was also tagged in that pic that did not even have me, started receiving an email every time anyone commented on that picture! And I had my phone with me on which I would get every email and I also had the Facebook app with push notifications enabled on it so every time someone commented on that I got a separate notification as well.

By 11:30 p.m., I had received like a gazillion emails and another gazillion notifications. It was New Year's Eve, after all and the festive spirit was at its peak.

I couldn't take it any longer. I ran to my laptop and launched Facebook on the browser and went to the pic and 'unsubscribed' to the pic. I felt relieved.

But it was not to be. The emails and the notifications continued.

This morning I went back to the pic on Facebook and realized that because I was tagged I would receive the comments irrespective of whether I was subscribed or not. Then I had an aha moment.

I had to remove the tag. 'Na rahega tag, na bajenge comments.'

I went and successfully de-tagged myself from that pic. Peace ensued.

Happy new year to you!