Two nights on, one night off?

That is Bill Peckham's dialysis regimen. What it basically means is you dialyze two nights and then take the next night off. And then you dialyze the next two nights and take the next night off. And so on. This of course applies only to those on nocturnal dialysis.

I started off my nocturnal dialysis by dialyzing six nights a week. Sundays were always off. Those, however, were the days of huge fluid weight gains and there would also be days when I put on 4-5 kgs between two consecutive days - that is 4-5 liters of fluid consumed in less than 16 hours! Sundays would become difficult then since I would have to consciously restrict my fluid intake. And I absolutely loathed that.

So, I decided to do true daily nocturnal dialysis. No Sunday off as well. On Sundays, though, since the technician would not come, I would do everything from start to finish. This got to me quickly and reverted to six nights a week.

Recently, I started getting fed up with dialysis. I decided to take an extra night off. So, I took Thursdays off in addition to Sundays.

Now I find I find it difficult to do more than two nights in a row. The quality of my sleep on dialysis is not great. So, more than two nights on dialysis is a little frustrating. I am thinking I should also switch to Bill's 'two nights on, one night off' regiment. Heck, if it's good enough for Bill, it's good enough for me!