Aashayein 2012 - Pictures

Here are some pictures from Aashayein 2012:

Lighting the lamp. From L to R: Rama Kumari (NephroPlus patient), me, Dr. Brian Pereira (one of the top nephrologists in the world today, also the Chief Guest at the event), Manjunath (a pillar of the NephroPlus Banjara Hills unit), Vikram Vuppala (NephroPlus CEO).

'Shatadhvanyanukarana Vibhushana' Hari Kishen - a dialysis patient himself, the best part of the program - his jokes on dialysis units were the highlight of the day!

Me. In hindsight, the 'kurta' was a tad gaudy! But believe me, it looked more sober than in the picture!

Patients enjoying a sumptuous lunch prepared as per the dialysis diet - salt free (patients could take one or two 1 gram salt packets) and were leached of all the Potassium

Dr. P. C. Gupta, Vascular Surgeon, judging the Best Fistula Contest

Zia, NephroPlus technician giving one of the patients a gift for answering an Antakshari question correctly


Shravan Kumar. M said…
you look so thin Kamal... are you loosing weight?
Kamal D Shah said…
No Shravan! But thanks, that really made my day! What else could a man want than to look thin without losing weight?!