A radio campaign: how much does it help?

We launched Hello Kidney beginning of this month. To coincide with the launch, we did a radio campaign that talked about how you could get help on kidney and urological problems by just a free phone call. We never claimed to cure or diagnose on phone. It was just an informational helpline where you could check on stuff. If it sounded serious, we would direct the caller to visit a doc - not necessarily our docs, but any doc of the required speciality.

The radio ad was noticed. I got many calls from friends saying they heard the ad - few of them who I presumed would never listen to radio as it exists in Hyderabad today. The ads themselves were only 15 seconds long - not something very 'in your face' at all. But they were still noticed.

However most of the calls we actually got were due to the press release we issued and that appeared in many newspapers (we tracked the source of info about the helpline). So, while the radio ad definitely helped in building visibility for our brand, it did not result in too many actual calls.

Well, it is too early to arrive at any firm conclusions from a one week exercise. But this did help in getting some early reads into the effectiveness of a radio campaign for an initiative such as this.


I happened to hear to this campaign y'day at 93.5 Red FM while listening to Prateekha's FullToHyderabad... on the way back home :)