Its been really long that I posted. I have been down with an infection in my fistula. It all started when I changed one of my cannulation sites for the arterial needle because I was having pain in one of them. Two days I used sharp needles to form the tract and the second day itself it looked like the tract was formed. I had used this site long back so I thought the tunnel reopened easily.

The third day, I used a blunt needle and it wasn't going in easily. So, I let Jairam try and he had to dig around a little before it finally went it. The rest of the night was uneventful. Morning was also fine while removing the needles.

I then had a shower and on my way to work the new arterial site started paining. It was a deep sting. Within an hour of reaching the office, I started feeling feverish as well and the area had swollen. I took some paracetamol and rested. I left early for the day. I was put on antibiotics by the doctors. After three days, the fever subsided and I am much better now.

This week is going to be one crazy week. Its Aashayein, this Sunday! The three days out of circulation have made things a wee bit rushed. Our radio campaign for the event goes live today. Watch out for a surprise in case you hear the English version! Let me know how you found it!


Rich Berkowitz said…
Kamal, you better take care of the infection a get back to work. It's such a feat you acconplished with NephroPlus. When do you start offereing home dialysis? See our article on HDU.