Coronary Artery Disease - the silent killer

A very dear friend's father passed away last week. The reason: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Indians have a genetic predisposition to CAD. Thousands of years back, there was severe famine in this area. This resulted in the body adapting to the situation as it always does and over the years started storing fat within the body rather than allowing it to burn. This tendency has caused many people in this region to have CAD.

The recent trends of leading sedentary lifestyles, sitting all day in front of a computer, not having time to cook healthy, nutritious food and as a result relying on processed, junk food multiplies the risk manyfold. 

The time to act is now. Everyone is at risk. Some more than others. The best part - we can do something about it! And we must start NOW! Tomorrow is too late.

You really need not look anywhere for magic solutions. It is all very simple. Something we have heard hundreds of times. Exercise and eat healthy. Stay away from alcohol and smoking. Tension nahin lene ka. Get enough sleep. Etc. Etc. Nothing new at all. The trick, however, is to find innovative ways to do this. All of us procrastinate on these things. Exercise? "I will start from the 1st." Giving up fried food? "After my cousin's wedding."

On exercise and fried food, a great motivator is to stand nude in front of a mirror. Most of us will need no greater motivation! On stress at work, remember one thing - most of us are working to earn money so that we can lead comfortable lives or to achieve something. By getting stressed about the work, we are putting our health so much at risk that we may not be around to enjoy what we have worked for! Isn't this the supreme irony of our lives?!

The frightening part of this is that these days age is not a factor. People in their twenties are also at risk. So, stop thinking that you don't have to worry. 

As I said earlier, we must start NOW. Tomorrow is too late!