Finally got rid of Behenji, only to get Netaji!

So, finally the UP election results are out. Mayawati has been ousted. The systematized loot of the state's coffers for shameless self-aggrandizement will finally come to an end. Putting up a living person's statues and that too by the person herself was surely a first even in an India used to sycophancy.

The biggest scare was when there was a remote chance of her becoming PM. It was a few years back when the Third Front had a realistic chance of forming a government at the center and her name was doing the rounds for the top post. My heart really had that sinking feeling when I read that. Mayawati as PM? Then fall India!

But then that dance called democracy that plays out every five years in our country came to the rescue and stopped the plunder. What is going to happen to the statues in the park? Of Mayawati, Kanshi Ram and those humungous elephants? I am sure they're not going to be untouched.

Which brings me to the alternative. The Samajwadi Party and Mulayam Singh Yadav. The person who has plundered the state, albeit in a less shameless fashion, five years back. God, what is going to happen to Uttar Pradesh? When is it going to get deliverance from these two sets of thugs?