Study says more is not better: what crap!

The trial pundits are at it again! A recent study claims that more dialysis does not show any real benefit in quality of life. I say to them: Buzz off!

I honestly don't need any randomized control trial to tell me that daily nocturnal dialysis or more frequent, longer duration dialysis is better or not better for me. I have lived it, goddamn it! If it wasn't for daily nocturnal, I would have been dead long back. I simply could not work full time or live a normal life on conventional dialysis. Yes there are people who do. But sorry, I cannot!

And isn't it logical? Dialysis replaces kidney function. Kidneys work 24x7. So, you should get as much dialysis as you possibly can. Why is it so difficult to see? The study judges the subjects on numbers - a common mistake many researchers make. Numbers don't mean everything. The subjects who were given more frequent dialysis said they felt better. But this factor was ignored and condemned as 'perceived'. So what the subjects felt was simply what they perceived. What the numbers showed was the ultimate truth!

I do not care for such studies personally but I am worried about the people who will stay away from such great therapies by looking at such studies and be deprived of a chance at a normal life.


That article you mention is reporting a null result, I will blog on this when I have some time. It was very irresponsible wording of the results both by the authors and the reporters who have publicized it.

See, by contrast, this article, which a transplant surgeon friend of mine pointed me to.
The study should have said: we found no evidence that more is better. That is a very different conclusion than saying that more is not better. The result was inconclusive---the title should have had the words inconclusive in order to prevent ignorant reporters from distorting the results.