The winds continued to blow, the sun continued to shine

The guy in the car at the traffic signal continued to honk. People continued to rush to work.

Not one thing changed because Chandrashekhar died.

The smiling 20-something year old on dialysis finally lost his battle with kidney disease. It struck me as weird that I was at a party that evening. It struck me as weird that people around me were all having a ball. The cake was cut. Snacks were served. There was laughter all around.

Not one thing changed even though Chandrashekhar died.

For Chandrashekhar, it was the end. That was it. There was no more. His entire life had ended. For the management at his dialysis center, his name got added to a report. A certain count got increased by one. And everyone moved on.

Not many of us realize how the world simply continues to function even after someone dies. After someone I have known dies, I find it very strange that birds continue to fly in the sky as if nothing has happened. People on the road go about their daily chores like nothing has changed.

For the individual however, it is all over.

As I keep hearing about one loss after another, all I feel is lead in my heart.


I know how you must be feeling. I don't personally know anyone who fell by the wayside while on dialysis, but that is about to change.

The thing that surprises me the most about the world is how little people who are in good health appreciate what they have, and how little they value their own continuing good health.

The conundrum is that most of them can only come to appreciate their good luck if they lose it.
Kamal D Shah said…
You hit the nail on the head Shravan when you said how healthy people have scant regard for their good health. Everyone thinks things like chronic disease cannot strike them.