Bone pain back

I have been having quite bad bone pain mainly in the back and my shoulders. It reminds me of the pretty severe pain I had for months a couple of years back. It is affecting my sleep as well. My PTH has become high which leads me to think that that could be the reason. But as with anything else, I am unsure.

I have been started on Cinacalcet 30 mg once daily. My Calcium is 9.5 mg/dl which is a little below the upper end of normal. So it is not the lack of Calcium that is causing the bone pain like last time.

While last time, the pain was mainly in the feet and started increasing in the back and shoulders before we managed to determine the cause and treat it, this time round it has started in the back and shoulders.

I am a little worried about the pain as my US trip is in under two months from now. I really need the pain to go by that time. Fingers crossed!