Planning, thinking, re-planning...

As you know, I am making this trip to the US and Canada this July. And one problem is the dialysis. I need to get good enough dialysis during my trip to be able to avoid having severe diet and fluid restrictions and also to feel good. Less dialysis means more diet and fluid restrictions and less energy and less feeling 'normal'.

At the same time I need to avoid too many day-time regular four hour sessions. Otherwise I will feel like I am spending more time on dialysis than on having fun! If it is night time sessions, bring them on! I can take any number of them.

So, its a fine balance.

The night time dialysis will only be possible at centers since I will obviously not have a dialysis machine where I will be staying. Very few centers offer nocturnal dialysis at the clinic. Those who do, offer only limited days. For example, Davita centers that I have talked to only offer either Monday, Wednesday, Friday slots or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday slots for in-center nocturnal dialysis.

A couple of weeks back, I had my whole schedule ready and I sent it to all my friends and relatives in the places I would be visiting. A few days back, however, the seeds of self-doubt were sown by a dear friend, Murali (himself on dialysis) when he cautioned in a comment to a post on this blog that I must be prepared for 'complete fluid restriction'. Gosh! that sounded horrible! Especially since I was not used to any fluid restriction. Since then I have reworked my trip plan, shortened it, changed the dates, changed the places, removed some destinations, dropped the plan altogether, resurrected the plan, everything possible!

I now have a plan that seems feasible. I have had to change some stuff to accommodate more nocturnal dialysis and less four hour sessions. I am still doing the same places but in a different order to enable me to get better dialysis and hence - more fun!


kamal! On which type of visa are you going to USA?
Anonymous said…
Hi Kamal!

First off, must congratulate you on a great blog that's doing wonders for awareness of chronic kidney disease and dialysis. We at DaVita NephroLife are ardent followers!

Also, as we are in the same industry, we've noticed that a lot of our patients are inhibited by the thought of local travel. International travel, of course is something that is unheard of. As we are part of DaVita now, we've been able to offer dialysis based on patients' convenience during their travels to the U.S (and indeed anywhere there's a DaVita Center). A number of our patients have availed and loved this facility.

We would be more than happy to co-ordinate with DaVita Guest Services to accommodate your request. You can get in touch with me directly at kunal dot ashok at nephrolife dot in.

Good luck on your travels and we do hope you have a happy stay!

Kunal Ashok
Kamal D Shah said…
Tourist visa Thrinath.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kamal
First of all sorry for my comments, that made you to re schedule your whole trip plan. All that we expect is that in the entire trip you must feel good, get a happy stay and enjoy your holiday to the maximum possible extent. I was aimed only to this. Forget me if my comments scared you a bit.
Kamal, just to know the behavior of your body, why not you trail one dialysis of 4hrs with maximum UF that you may put on in 1day gap? This can be done on Thursday night as you are taking off for dialysis on wed-day. You don’t restrict fluid and diet today and tomorrow. Then tomorrow night you set the machine only for 4 hours and let loose all the weight that you gained in just 4 Hours.
If the dialysis goes well and you tolerate this schedule, you can go ahead with such 4Hrs Slots in the holiday trip as well. However if any complications rose like B.P./Sugar/Cramps that can be known and it will give an idea to think where the buck is? And what to do?
Kamal, there are many people who follow you by your blog. Patients, Techs, Doctors, nationals, Internationals. They all love you and the blog you are maintaining unconditionally. I am also one of them.
We all wish you live long with happiness and also with many such holiday trips.

Kamal D Shah said…
No Murali! Don't be sorry. It is better that I thought about it here itself rather than realizing there when it is too late to do anything!

Thanks to your comment, I relooked at my schedule and am now planning it with more nocturnal sessions and also better scheduling.