How Facebook saved my life

Life? Well, no, not exactly. But read on...

A few days back, right in the middle of Paryushan, I felt feverish in the evening after the pratikraman. When I checked, it was 100.4 degrees. I took a Dolo 650 mg and got on to dialysis. The next morning, though the temperature was normal, I felt weak and had aches all over. I decided to take the day off.

I sat at home and slept and watched episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" that Rohit, my colleague at NephroPlus gave me. I felt a little better by the evening. I got on to Facebook and posted the following: 

"Spent the day at home. Had fever last evening and was weak-ish this morning. Spent the day seeing four episodes of The Big Bang Theory and sleeping! Feeling much better now."

Guess what? This post got 6 likes, 10 comments and I got call from a friend! I was so thrilled! One of the comments was from Adil Asim, a friend from school who I have not met or spoken to for the last what - twenty one years??! This is what Facebook can do!

It feels really nice. Some people criticize the interactions we have on Facebook calling it artificial and what not. I couldn't agree with that. Facebook gives me moments like these where it feels nice to know that people whom I barely interact with in real life have written a "Get well soon" message for me. 

Its not like I do not have problems with Facebook. Their privacy features suck. I also get bugged by people who suddenly log on to their accounts after days and post like a gazillion pictures that have gyaan inscribed on them probably posted by someone else on their timeline or that they have received in their email as a pathetic forward. Gyaan once in a while is ok. Not when it is in a flood all of a sudden that clogs your timeline with crap. Good thing is you can block all this and some poor unsuspecting souls have received that treatment from me over the last few days. Serves you right!