Teacher's Day memories from HPS

Today, September 5th is celebrated as Teacher's Day all over India. At The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet where I studied, Teacher's Day was huge!

The morning would start with students doing what the teachers did at the Morning Assembly right from the prayer to the announcements. Classes would then begin albeit with a difference. The senior school students would take classes for the junior classes! The teachers would get to relax the whole day! It was after all, their day!

The afternoon would usually see an entertainment program put up for the teachers by the students. This usually included a whole lot of comedy and live music.

I had the privilege of being a part of our school beat group. Our group was hugely popular among the teachers and students alike.

One Teacher's Day, we did Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". The song is a little irreverent to teachers but what the hell, this was HPS! Our teachers really enjoyed the song. In fact, our principal, Mr. S. K. Bose was seen snapping his fingers to the song! Here's a You Tube video of the song:

To all my teachers who shaped my thinking, helped me hone my talents and made me what I am: a BIG thank you! Here is a list of teachers I can remember from my school days:

- Mrs. Kanthi Rajan
- Mrs. Korobi Mukherjee
- Mrs. Prabhakar
- Mrs. Swadesh Sridhar
- Mrs. Deepa Chandra
- Mrs. Usha Bhargava
- Mrs. Shanti Sam
- Mr. G. Jayanand
- Mr. Govindrao Deshpandey
- Mrs. Akamma Koshy
- Mrs. Leila Parker
- Mrs. Roopali Mansukhani
- Mrs. Kamala Jagadeeshan
- Mr. M. A. Bari
- Mr. Devadattam
- Mr. Chandrashekhar
- Mr. Krishnam Raju
- Mr. Maruthi 
- Mrs. Suzy John Mathai
- Mr. Ramanachary
- Mr. Punna Rao
- Mr. Srikanth
- Mrs. Nirmala Abraham
- Mrs. Geetha Shyam Sundar
- Mr. Suresh Sharma
- Mrs. Kamala Jagannathan
- Mr. Sai Sunder Rao
- Mr. M. S. S. K. Subramanyeshwar
- Mr. P. Narayan Rao
- Mr. Sathyanarayana
- Mr. Dennis Powell

and one special teacher whom I can never thank enough - my English teacher for five years from Class 8 to Class 12 - Mrs. Marien Oommen. It would not be an exaggeration to say that any success I have achieved in my life is due to her. I got to be a part of NephroPlus only due to my blog and I give the entire credit for my blog to her. Thank you ma'am!