Writing for myself versus writing for people

I once mentioned to Srinivas that I write whatever I write on this blog for myself. Because I enjoy writing. I don't care whether people read or like what I write. I write purely for myself.

Yesterday, when I published the survey, he appeared surprised because the survey was a way to gauge people's reactions to my short stories. He asked me why I was interested in knowing whether people liked my short stories when I wrote simply because I enjoyed writing and I wrote for myself.

This set me thinking. What he pointed out was true. Why did I want to know what people thought of my short stories? Wasn't it enough that I enjoyed writing them?

Creative pursuits are often meaningful only when appreciated.

Though a painter might enjoy painting stuff, he will probably feel completely satisfied only when people who view the painting appreciate his work. A musician might enjoy composing a piece but he will derive much more satisfaction if his composition is heard and applauded by an audience. Similarly, though it is true that I thoroughly enjoy writing, I feel really good when someone leaves a comment on one of the posts or when I see the hit count on this blog increasing.

If I was truly writing only for myself, then I would not publish it on a public blog, right? So, I guess, I do not write only for myself. I write for people to read. I hope people appreciate what I write. I hope what I write interests them and intrigues them enough to keep coming back.