New look for blog

Obviously you've noticed the new template. But I am not sure if you are aware of some of the things you can do here. For example, if you move your mouse to the right of the page, a panel slides out where you can click to see things like the tag cloud, archives of previous posts, links to the "My story" sections and a link to subscribe as well.

Another cool feature in this template is the different modes you can view this blog in. Most likely you are viewing this blog in the Classic mode because that is the default mode I have set it to. On the top left, just below the title of the blog, you should see the word "Classic" written. Move your mouse to that area and you should see a menu slide down that has different options like Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic etc.

You can click on any of those options to see different ways of viewing the blog. I like the Magazine view. But I set the default to Classic because that is what most people are used to.

Then there is the Search on the top right. This is a vastly improved Search which filters results as you type (AJAXified, for the programmers out there!).

By the way, I am meeting Rajat Srivastava, my classmate from HPS this morning for breakfast! Rajat is currently a practising doctor in London. I will be meeting him after 19 years. I am hugely excited!

Have a great weekend!


Avinash Ghimire said…
I did not how to write it in its proper section but
I just read your very first blog post and couldn't help but wonder if it indeed was atypical HUS (aHUS).It comes in two falvors : genetic and acquired.Were any genetic testing done for Factors H,I,MCP etc?We would check an ADAMTS13 level as well.

This may not be of help to you per se but you'll be happy to know that for atypical HUS there have been few new developments.There is a medicine called Eculizimab (SOLORIS in US) which works by inhibiting complement cascade which is the underlying problem and has now backing of several studies where it was shown to work.

My point to relay all this is that if you are considering a second transplant you need thorough genetic testing to look for the mutations in those Factors and ADAMTS13 too before getting a transplant.the genetic variant will require that a Liver and Kidney transplant is done rather than just the kidney,since it will recur most certainly.

If you are interested more, I will send you a powerpoint I made last year about SOLORIS and its implication for treatment of aHUS and its role pre and post transplant.send me your email.mine is