Diwali snacks!

My memories of Diwali are all of us going over to the "Jagat Pictures" office in the evening and having the traditional Chopda Poojan which was a simple pooja of the account books along with the Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi. The pooja would be followed by snacks and a lot of socializing and then a visit to the temple.

Diwali would be preceded by a thorough cleaning of the entire house, preparing snacks and sweets for Diwali and buying new clothes. Those were innocent days!

When the "Jagat Pictures" office was officially closed down, the poojan was not performed for a few years. When however, my father took over the clothes shop "Adam n eve", he revived the tradition of the poojan and ever since then we have been having it! The ritual cleaning of the house is still done every year and my mother, who is a stickler for cleanliness insists on spending a few weekends before Diwali with the help of the maids to do a complete wash of the house.

Coming to the point of this post, the Diwali snacks. I just realized that every Diwali snack we make is deep fried. The Khari poori, the mori poori, the sev, the ganthiya, the ghooghras, the mathiyas, the cholafali, the chudwa and that mother of all deep fried delicacies - the pakwaan!

Snacks made at my house for this Diwali

To add to all this, you have a plethora of sweets that you get on the occasion.

The hours spent at the swimming pool and doing the strenuous yoga stretches must all be getting nullified in a matter of a few days! Well, it is Diwali, so I am not complaining!