Fistula infected

My fistula is infected now like never before. I have been put on very strong oral antibiotics. I have also been given an intravenous dose of a vancomycin, a very potent antibiotic. I was advised to avoid dialysis yesterday to give the fistula rest for a day. In fact the nephrologist was also suggesting that I might need to skip dialysis for one more day!

I will be having it checked again today and then we will decide about dialysis today.

I am quite worried about this. A fistula is like a lifeline for people on dialysis. It is the only way we can get dialysis.  With my fifteen years on dialysis, I am running out of options for fistulae. I cannot afford to lose this fistula.

That is why we cannot take any chances and have to treat this infection aggressively.

I am scheduled to go to Bangalore this Sunday for Aashayein. I am hoping this infection comes under control by then.


Anonymous said…
Our prayers are with you Mr.Kamal Shah. You are an inspiration for many - whether they are actually dialysis patients or otherwise. All will be well very soon. This will also come to pass.
suman sharma said…
hi kamal, hope ur fistula has been treated. i want to know the contact numbers or web addressses of the companies who are providing capd bags in india. my father is 68 years old and he is on capd from last month. mitraindustries is giving us capd bag for rs 220. if there is any company who is providing cheaper capd fluid bags. i am bearing all his expenses and it will be a great help if u provide details of any other economic company.
in the last i would like to say that, i am reading ur blog from last one and half years and u have become a friend and guide to me. some of our experiences are very same about this industry of callous best wishes are always with you. get well soon.
Kamal D Shah said…
Please send me an email and I will give you some contact details.
suman sharma said…
Hi dear, happy new year. i dont know why but i was not able to see comments section in your blog for a few days and thought that it has been deleted. Now checked afte a while and found your surprising reply.
my emailid is