Two girls arrested for FB posts: just where are we headed?

I was shocked and disgusted to read the news about two Mumbai girls being arrested by the police for making posts on Facebook that said that Mumbai should not close for Bal Thackeray's death. One girl made the post and the other 'liked' it.

Forget about whether they were right or wrong. What earthly reason did the police have, indeed, what possessed them to arrest the girl?

Further, what took over the court to actually - hold your breath - sentence the girls to 14 days imprisonment?!!! Just where are we headed?

I do not blame the Shiv Sainiks for what they did. What else do you expect from them?

What shocks me is the actions of the police and the court. I read some comments on the post that said that the girls were Muslims. So what? Please let me know what was illegal or inflammatory about a post that simply says the city should not be shut. People commented that many people did not know what Bal Thackeray did for Mumbai. Does that mean that someone saying that he did not do anything for Mumbai should be arrested?

Let us not accept this kind of blatant intolerance in our country. Hinduism is often praised for its tolerant philosophy. I am reminded of Evelyn Beatrice Hall's quote (often misattributed to Voltaire):

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


krishna said…
I absolutely agree with you kamal.
This is really ridiculous. I condemn the arrest of two girls just for voicing their opinion, they have not committed any crime while there are many criminals & corrupt politicians who commit biggest of crimes. It was undemocratic & highly irresponsible act on the part of police & judiciary. A step towards putting curb on the freedom of speech & expression, a fundamental right granted to every citizen.
I just wonder whether the police would have acted in the same manner if the same message had been posted by a big politician.
Madras Hash said…
Can you start a Petition, which will get people to sign up to express their disgust at what the cops and the judiciary are doing to suck up their political "masters".