Unscheduled skipping of dialysis session

I usually don't dialyze on Tuesdays. I used to skip Sundays but since Sundays are holidays and since we usually go out on Sundays, I would end up with more fluid than usual and Mondays would be slightly uncomfortable. So, I decided to go for a Tuesday-off routine since I am working that day and don't put on too much fluid.

This week however, we had gone out of town on Sunday and I was dead tired after returning. My fluid weight gain wasn't too much either. I just didn't feel like dialyzing. So I decided not to dialyze on Sunday.

I dialyzed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday night I did not sleep well. So, on Tuesday I decided to take a mild sedative. I slept well. On Wednesday night I decided to take the sedative again. Despite that I did not sleep well. So yesterday I was feeling quite tired and sleepy. When I got back home, I checked my fluid weight gain. It was about 1.3 kgs. Not much at all. So I thought I would not dialyze and get a good night's sleep.

When I am on dialysis, for the most part I have slept well. However it is not what you would call a 'perfect sleep'. It is about 80% perfect, if you know what I mean. When I don't dialyze, it is a perfectly sound, 100% sleep! So, yesterday, it was one of those ays where I felt like sleeping really well. So, I decided not to dialyze yesterday.

The best part about home dialysis and dialyzing daily is not only do you get better dialysis but you also get the flexibility and the freedom to dialyze according to your wish. You don't feel like dialyzing - don't dialyze! You need extra time, go ahead and do that!