This is absolutely crazy!

Yesterday, my dad's close friend's son came to meet him. After talking about different things, the topic moved to me. He mentioned to my dad about my pic appearing in a recent newspaper in a story about NephroPlus. He then said, "But he started, right?" and gestured with his thumb to the mouth.

My dad did not understand. "What do you mean?", he asked.

He clarified, "He started drinking, right?"

My dad said, "No way!"

"Oh, then you don't know."

"Who told you?"

"I myself saw him."

"When, where?"

"During last year's HPS reunion, he drank and was totally out!"

My dad had two choices. One was to blast the guy for spreading false rumors about me and the second was to ignore the poor guy as he was going through some personal issues. My dad did the latter. Wisely, I would say!

For sure, liquor has never made me "out" but this rumor certainly did!