Plug the loopholes and legalize selling of silver bangles!

Currently, in most states in India, it is illegal for people to sell their silver bangles. This has got to change. If someone is in desperate need of money and wants to sell something as important as a silver bangle, we must understand that the need must truly be dire. This kind of action would only be done as a last resort. Who would want to sell their silver bangles if they had a choice?

The problem lies in the loopholes. The problem lies when someone is offered money but is not given the promised amount. This is definitely exploitative. This is unethical and nothing short of robbery. But to prevent this kind of cheating, we cannot deprive donors and recipients from a way out of their respective miseries!

People might argue that the people with such problems must be helped in other ways. What ways? Who will help them? It is easy for us to pass judgement while leading comfortable lives but when we try to understand the plight of someone in that situation, we would think differently.

Further, look at it from the recipient's point of view. This could offer a great way to solve the severe shortage of silver bangles among those who need them.

How about making the selling of silver bangles legal? How about having a proper legal framework for this? How about making the cheating donors a legal offense punishable by stringent imprisonment? How about making people abetting such cheats also accountable?

Undoubtedly, there are many problems that might come up. They must be solved rather than imposing a blanket ban! Any legal system will have loopholes which are plugged from time to time on recognizing them. This is the sensible and correct way to deal with the problem.