The law is an ass

Parmar was a daily wage labourer in the village of Manikour in Rajasthan. He depended on getting some work or the other daily to be able to feed himself and his family. If he did not get work on a particular day, they would all be hungry. It was a pitiable existence. Finally, one day, Parmar and his wife decided that they would sell off a silver bangle his father had left for him, his only inheritance. They would get a few thousand rupees. With that Parmar thought he would buy a bandi, a cart with four wheels and then sell pakodas which his wife would make. That way they did not have to depend on getting some work every day.

Parmar started figuring out how to sell the bangle. He was introduced to Bhola babu by a friend who promised to sell the bangle and get him the money. Bhola babu asked for the bangle and asked him to meet him after a week at a designated spot to collect the money.

After a week, he went. Bhola babu was nowhere to be seen. He contacted his friend. He said he had no clue. Parmar was very worried. Every day for the next week, Parma went to the spot at the same time. No sign of Bhola babu.

Parmar was devastated. He went to the village police station and told the Inspector there what had happened. The Inspector pleaded helplessness. He said until he had some proof that Bhola babu had taken the bangle, what could they do? Parmar was not convinced. He took the matter to the village sarpanch. The sarpanch heard him out and was very upset with the turn of events. He called a meeting of the panchayat and the panchayat decided to ban the sale of silver bangles forever.

Some members protested that just because one person had cheated, how can we ban the entire sale of silver bangles? What about the hundreds of people who had a shortage of money and wanted to sell their silver bangles to feed themselves and their family? Why deprive them the chance of doing this?

Also, what about those that needed silver bangles and were willing to pay for them? Why deprive them too?

"Just because some people were cheated, you cannot ban the whole thing", they said.

The sarpanch was adamant however. The decision was taken. No more silver bangles could be sold. You could gift it to your immediate relatives. If however, a bangle was to be gifted to someone who was not an immediate relative, written approval would need to be taken from the Panchayat who would need to be convinced that no money was being exchanged.

The law in our country is truly an ass.