My brother Karan, who had come home from the US for cousin Malay's wedding went back this morning. He had to contend with another round of flight delays. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as it was when he got here, when he reached more than 24 hours after his scheduled arrival time!

Thankfully, when I travelled to the US in July last year, my flights were all on time. With the dialysis and all, flight delays would have been harrowing!

The last two weeks, when Karan was here and with the wedding, flew by real fast.

On the health front, things have been pretty stable, touch wood! My Phophorus has been a little low and we've been experimenting with a few things. One is to increase the amount of phosphate solution I am adding to the dialysate. I have also run out of PhosNaK, the phosphate supplement I used to get from the US. These days, there is an oral phosphate supplement available in India too called AddPhos. I have started taking this. The trouble with this however is that it is a new drug and not many doctors have too much experience with it, especially in dialysis patients. So, I am trying 2 tablets twice a day and will check my phosphate levels soon and then see if I need to adjust my dose.

The swimming pool I go to remains closed from December 16th to January 31st every year. The pool has now reopened. Hopefully I should be able to start swimming again. During the time I wasn't swimming, I had started yoga which is a great way to stay flexible and fit.

On another note, the projector I had in my bedroom where I do my dialysis got fried in an unusual voltage surge one evening about a month or so back. It was an Epson projector. They have a really pathetic service setup. No amount of effort could yield any good results with it. The height of things was when the so-called 'authorized service center' in Secunderabad said they were unable to get genuine spares even from the company! How crazy is that? (to use my brother's lingo!)

I got myself another projector and have it all setup so now I can return to watching TV and movies from the comfort of my bed in my room!

Here are some pictures of mine from my cousin Malay's wedding:

My two brothers Prasan, Karan and I on the morning of the wedding

My immediate family
(From right, anti-clockwise, my mother, my brother Karan, my father, me, my brother Prasan, his wife Anjali and their two kids, Naman and Nidhi)

My cousins (three are missing from this picture) - we are all standing in decreasing order of age!

The three bros in suits at Malay's Wedding Reception!