Wanted: someone who can take some brave decisions with regard to dialysis costs in India

So, you see, there are solutions to this very serious problem. Apart from what I proposed, there could be many such solutions. There is a lot of Government money beng spent on various non-critical items. As we have seen, even one such item would be sufficient for the entire problem to be resolved.

The Government can announce an initiative that it would fund the dialysis of every citizen of India matching certain financial criteria in phases. To begin with, start with BPL (Below Poverty Line) citizens. Partner with private players to provide this. This would be very similar to the Andhra Pradesh Government's Aarogyasri scheme. Again, do this in a few states and then extend it to all states.

The next step could be to include other sections of the society by introducing some basic payment for those not BPL. This could also be done in a few states to begin with and then slowly cover the entire country. The biggest advantage the government would have is the volume. This humongous volume would help it strike very good deals with all private players involved right from providing the actual service to the space to the consumables. I can  guarantee that any company in the dialysis business would be more than willing to take this project up.

Yes, there will definitely be problems. Any such scheme would involve a lot of work, a lot of planning, a lot of co-ordination between different Government departments. There could potentially be a lot of scope for corruption and malpractice. But because of this, are we going to shy away from the problem? Pretend that it does not exist? Or pretend that there is no solution?

People are dying. They don't need to. That is the bottom line.

What then is needed to make this happen?

Vision. That's it.

All it takes is intent. Someone with a plan. Someone with balls. Someone who genuinely wants to make a difference. Someone who has the courage to think differently.

Unfortunately, the current dispensation at New Delhi can hardly be credited with these!