You helped me when I needed you most!

Yesterday, after closing dialysis, during the Hot Disinfection cycle, the dialysis machine gave a Flow Alarm a couple of times. Naidu, the tech that was there asked me to call the machine technicians and simultaneously, he removed the inlet water filter and soaked it in bleach.

I called Nambi, one of the leads from the Fresenius team and requested him to have someone take a look. Later in the morning, Chary, the Fresenius engineer came and checked everything. He did not find any issues. He asked us to put the inlet water filter back just before starting dialysis and everything would be fine.

Last evening, Zia, the tech who came to help with my dialysis put the filter back but when he put the machine on testing mode, the machine test failed and three important tests were failing. We tried running the tests again. No luck.

Luckily I had not cannulated myself. I called Nambi again and told him the problem. He said he would send someone asap. It was about 11 in the night by then.

Chary reached my house by about 11:30. He checked everything and found that a valve inside the machine was giving a problem. Within an hour he fixed the problem. By about 1 a.m., we started dialysis.

The machine is almost seven years old now. So, small problems from time to time are only to be expected. What I was moved by, however, was the superb responsiveness of the Fresenius team. Any other company would have pleaded helplessness and said they would send someone the next morning. But not Nambi, Zahid and Chary of Fresenius. Their total commitment to patient care and genuine willingness to help stood out in this incident! They went beyond their call of duty to make sure that I was able to dialyze last night.

It is really heartening to see that such gems still exist in an industry that has been overtaken almost completely by greed. Many people in the healthcare industry forget that this is supposed to be a different kind of job. This is not entirely about the money.

Once again, I would like to thank Nambi, Zahid and Chary for helping me in my hour of crisis! I will never forget this!


Madras Hash said…
Perhaps you should ask Fresenius if they will do a buy back on your 7 year old m/c, and give you a new one (at a highly discounted price) which will not have these component failure issues. Even if no one else can use the old m/c, Fresenius can take it apart to see which components are wearing out, and so need to be better sourced or manufactured. I am told that a 20 year old Mercedes car is more reliable than a 7 year old Indian car, and I guess the reason is that their parts are better engineered.
RaviSingh said…
bro i need your help..i want to talk to you..regarding dialysis machine..
Kamal D Shah said…
Ravi, please email me at
RaviSingh said…
i mailed you..pls reply when you feel free..