NephroPlus introduces Holiday Dialysis

I have always loved to travel. For the first few years after getting on to dialysis, my travel was totally out. Then when I got onto Peritoneal Dialysis, I began some travel. I went to Kodaikanal and Mahabaleshwar. And then, of course, there was the (in)famous trip to Mahabalipuram!

When I had to give up PD, I thought that was the end of travel. But I couldn't stop myself! I did short trips to places close by, to Bangalore and even two long trips to Goa! And then the most ambitious trip of them all - to the US and Canada!

When I looked around in me in India, very few people on dialysis did any travel at all. I could understand. It can be a huge hassle. Flight or train tickets, hotel bookings, cab bookings and as if that was not enough, getting good dialysis! Though travel websites have made things much better these days, it can still be a tough ask for someone on dialysis to plan any trip.

At NephroPlus, we felt this must change. We badly wanted to do something for patients to be able to travel with ease. We thought about the pain points and then one by one started finding solutions to the problems.

We launched the Holiday Dialysis program where we take care of everything for dialysis patients. Patients simply contact another patient - guess who that is - and we take care of the complete planning. We also throw in the required number of dialysis sessions and voila: suddenly travel does not seem that difficult!

We've started with a holiday package to the picturesque Alleppey in Kerala and will be coming with many more!

If you are on dialysis and want to experience the joys of Kerala without any of the accompanying planning headache, click here!


Chaitali said…
Hi Kamal - Fabulous initiative!!!

Does NephroPlus provide home technicians/nurses to assist patients on PD. I am looking for such technicians in Bangalore to assist my father. Any other lead that you could suggest would be great.
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Chaitali, unfortunately we do not provide this service. I am not sure if anyone else does. Sorry!
madhava said…
This information is for Ms. Chitali, about CAPD Technicians,Let her verify about all the details, I am just giving the name & mobile number of the tech. Mahender, Mobile: 99018 44145
Also Baxter Company does such things, the contact details are below
Renal Home Care
Baxter India provides Renal Home Care (RHC), an integrated Patient Care System that brings together highly trained counselors, clinical and technical services team to provide seamless patient care to renal patients. It facilitates better and more frequent contact for patients on Peritoneal Dialysis (PD), provides easy accessibility to renal dietician support, and addresses product delivery and distribution enquiries.

Contact details:
Counselors can be reached at
1800 102 1110 (toll free number)
0124 4603200 (chargeable)
Kamal D Shah said…
This service is provided to all dialysis patients, not only NephroPlus patients.