LinkedIn Endorsements - don't!

I am not a LinkedIn kind-of guy. I rarely visit my profile. I created one because everyone had one. I keep getting requests. If I know the person or know someone that knows the person, I add him or her. Otherwise, I ignore the request.

Recently, I started getting email notifications from LinkedIn that such and such person has endorsed me for such and such skills. For a moment, I was flattered. Wow! He appreciates my skills in Agile Methodologies! Nice!

But then it strikes me. This guy has no clue about Agile Methodologies! How did he endorse me??? Well, by now, honestly, I have no clue about Agile Methodologies as well! But that's an entirely different matter!

I recently visited my LinkedIn profile after ages to accept a friend request. When I clicked on the name of a contact, a small notification came up on the top of the page exhorting me to endorse the person for some skills.


All you probably need to do is to click on the bright yellow button that says Endorse and I guess the person gets an endorsement for those skills. Never mind if I have no credentials to endorse someone for those skills. Heck, never mind if the person being endorsed also has nothing to do with those skills.

LinkedIn endorsements, in my humble opinion are really unnecessary. Nothing is achieved. Everyone, I am sure by now, knows that they don't mean anything.  Why even bother?!


Karan Shah said…
So true..I was thinking about this the other day. Infact I was even thinking that some recruiter might pose the question that such and such person endorsed you for such and such skill and then I would somehow have to defend that. Linkedin endorsement is a BIG NO NO. Please stop if you are reading this Linkedin. If I want someone to endorse me I'd rather reach out to that person and get a recommendation/reference.