Pushing the envelope: Bill Peckham dialyzes on a raft!

Bill Peckham, who has been an inspiration for many dialyzors - he has dialyzed in many countries and has taken 'living a normal life on dialysis' to an entirely new level - recently went on a holiday to the Grand Canyon. He took his NxStage machine with him. Along with some friends, Bill took a rafting trip down the Little Colorado river. Bill actually got two dialysis sessions aboard the raft on the shore! Here is a link to his blog that has some details of the trip and here is another post from his blog that has a video of him talking about this.

Bill Peckham getting dialysis on the raft (Source: Bill Peckham's blog)

Of course, Bill does things that many others, even with the NxStage, do not do. No doubt about that and hats off to him for that! But I believe that this machine has allowed Bill to really push the envelope. Bill has travelled to many countries on dialysis but things like doing a rafting trip down the Little Colorado become enjoyable thanks only to this little machine.

People on dialysis can go on holidays even without the NxStage machine. One major problem with this is that you need to watch your diet and fluid intake! For people like me who are on daily nocturnal, this can be a horrible mood dampener. Who wants to watch your fluid intake while on a holiday???

Another equally horrible thing to contend with is the fact that you need to get your dialysis in a dialysis center. The four hours of boredom, the drained feeling after the session, the mood swings of the techs and nurses - it all comes back to you! Home is such a good thing!

That is why, time and again, I say that the NxStage machine has been a true game changer in many ways. It has offered true freedom to dialysis patients. I so badly want this machine to come to India. I so badly want access to this machine!