Yours truly featured in Home Dialysis Central!

When I got onto Daily Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis back in 2006, it was quite a challenge to figure out even the basics as I couldn't find anyone else on this modality in India. I relied primarily on the internet, mainly, Home Dialysis Central for information. There were some really helpful people there who answered every question I had. They had been there, done that and were ever willing to provide answers to newbies like me who were just starting off.

Today, I am proud to let you'll know that the site has added my story to their patient stories section! Here is a link to the page. Home Dialysis Central is one of the best resources to information about home dialysis you can find on the internet. It has some really useful information, links and videos related to all home dialysis modalities including PD and home hemo. It also has forums for various modalities where your questions can be answered. Another very valuable aspect is the presence of home dialysis experts like Dr. John Agar who also answer questions posted there!

Many thanks to Dori Schatell, the founder of that site and an amazing person!


Nisha said…
Kamal....u is the link to the page...I checked About kamal...maritalstatus - MARRIED... kids- Not at home....??????!!!!!!!!!

Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks for pointing it out ma'am. I have asked the website admin to correct that!