On World Kidney Day, take a step back and think about this

Today is World Kidney Day.

Last year, on this day, I posted a few simple tips to keep your kidneys going for long. I am not going to repeat them. When you see the steps, it is not rocket science. The same old stuff. I guess that makes it really boring! Eat healthy, exercise, drink a lot of water etc. etc. etc. Isn't it the same to prevent almost all diseases? I guess the fact that you need to do the same things to prevent a lot of things makes it a dull read and no one takes much notice.

However, take a step back and look around you. Look at people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease and are actually battling it day after day. Look at how their life has changed after this diagnosis. You will realise that the consequences of taking this advice lightly!

I encounter such people all the time. They were racing through their lives. There was no time for anything. Work, family, holidays occupied their mind completely. There was no time for exercise. There was no effort at eating and living healthy. And then suddenly, one day, it all came crashing down.

We all go through our lives smug in the belief that this cannot happen to us! There is no rationale behind this thinking. It is just there. Everyone thinks the same way.

The sad truth is that kidney disease is spreading like an epidemic. Almost everyone knows someone who is on dialysis these days. The worst part is it is not reversible. You need to live with it your entire life. Ask someone on dialysis about what this means. Your life changes so dramatically that you would never have imagined that this could ever have happened. Dreams are shattered. Plans go awry.

The best part is you can prevent it. Its really not that difficult. All it needs is a conscious, consistent effort. You simply need to make small changes to your life to accommodate these steps.

This is coming to you from someone who has lived with kidney disease for the last 17 years of his life. Almost half my life has been spent battling this disease. Trust me, it is not pleasant. You do not want to go there. Take steps to prevent this - today!


Unknown said…
Hi Kamal,
I read ur blog regularly & always look upto ur writings when ever i am feeling low.thanks for sharing ur experiences & informations.
I agree to what u say for the last few st u have made since i am too going through the same situation for past 2.5 years Kamal.
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks for our comment Ananya!