Bad Bone Pain - unable to get a handle

I am suffering with really bad bone pain. It is mainly in the feet and the back side of the leg just below where the leg joins the hip. Any kind of movement that strains these two area results in pain. When I walk, when I climb up or down stairs etc.

I went to my nephrologist, he looked at the blood tests - Calcium, Phosphorus, PTH, Vitamin D - all seemed within range for dialysis patients. He then thought it could be related to micro-circulation issues to the lower limbs and put me on some medication for improving this. I somehow doubt if it is this. Its also been more than a month that I have been taking this medication with no relief;the pain has only worsened.

To make things worse, I thought somehow that the pain in my feet as related tot he nerves and went to a neurologist who, after some tests which showed the nerves were in really bad shape, put me on something for the nerves.

So, while 8 tablets have been added to my pill box per day, I am most sure any of the additions are doing any good.

I am really worried about this pain as we are not even on the right track!

A learned nephrologist at a recent meeting had said that in dialysis patients they are generally able to control everything but mineral and bone disorders are something they just don't seem to be able to get a handle on. Very ominous!

I am planning to go back to my nephrologist this week to discuss this. I am really hoping he has some good ideas!