Rumour mongering about NephroPlus

I have heard some really crazy rumours about NephroPlus in the last year or so. But the one I heard last night has to top them all.

My mother ran into an aunt last evening. She said that someone told her (strangely she forgot the name of the source) that there was no point in sending kids abroad as in India itself there were many opportunities. Well, nothing wrong with that! She went on to say, "Look at Kamal. He is rolling in money. He now has money for ten generations. NephroPlus received funding from Bessemer Venture."

My, my. How insanely accurate the facts and the perceptions around this rumour are. So, allow me to break this into multiple parts:

  • Bessemer Venture Partners invested in NephroPlus many years back. It was covered widely in the press. Since then, NephroPlus has received two more rounds of funding, one from International Finance Corporation and the last one from Sea Link Capital. All this information is in the public domain and NephroPlus has held press conferences to announce these investments.
  • When an investor invests in a company, however much I would like, the founders don't get a single rupee from that money to spend on themselves or store for generations to come. That money is invested for the growth of the company and give returns to the investors. The money is invested with stringent targets of various kinds.
  • If I had a lot of money, I would rather spend it on myself and not leave it for ten generations. I am not married and also do not have any illegitimate kids for whom I need to leave any money.
  • If I was really rolling in money, would I not get Soliris from the US and get a kidney transplant? The only reason I am not able to get a kidney transplant currently is because I cannot afford the cost of Soliris. I do not like dialysis. I am aching for a kidney transplant. But I cannot for the simple reason that I cannot afford the drug and without the drug, my transplant is likely to fail.
I really wish the rumours were true. But unfortunately, they are not. It is just astonishing how people conjure up such statements. They put two and two together and conclude that the sum is twenty two. Without understanding the background and without understanding the facts, they make atrocious claims and spread them crazily.

My poor aunt was completely fooled by the unnamed source. My mother hurried back worried that I was hiding this huge wealth from her! I had to convince her that these were just rumours and the handiwork of some fools who had too much time to spare.


Hope everything fine, some rumours laugh us some inspire us, but this one motivational to achieve 10 generation wealth...