Why is the new blood donation technique invented in 1977 still not being used?

A new blood donation technique that was invented in 1977 in India is still not being used. I am not sure why. Lot of the challenges we face today have been overcome in this invention:

  • No pump needed to draw blood, blood can flow against gravity
  • Blood from multiple donors can be mixed together and then donated to one recipient
  • No screening required for viruses etc.
  • No anti-clotting agents needed
We should popularise this technique. I am sure many other applications of this are possible. For example, currently, pumps are needed to pump out blood from a dialysis patient's arm. This is just one of the many areas where this can be used.

Here's a video that first demonstrated the technique: (note that there's an audio that plays in the background that says "Yeh sirf kahaani nahi" which undoubtedly proves that this is not just a movie but reality)


Kartik said…
It doesn't just use gravity, it also defies gravity :D!!
But actually you got me for a while, I started off seriously, until the last few lines I thought you were talking about some really serious alternative ;)