To move or not to move, that is the question

My parents and I have been staying in our current house for about twenty years now. We built it from scratch. It has served us well. There are a few things however that I don't like about it.

When we built the house, the area was very quiet. You could hardly hear a thing even during the day. The last two decades have seen so much activity in this area that now, even at around five in the morning, you hear vehicles passing by.

So, we've been exploring the idea of moving to that area to an apartment in a quiet part which has some basic amenities like a swimming pool and gym that we could use. Having a gym and a pool right in the apartment complex makes it much easier to go every day. My parents use the gym and I hit the pool almost daily and we need to travel around 10-15 minutes currently to get to these places.

When I get up in the morning, I like to sip on a hot cup of tea by my backyard followed by a ten minute meditation routine. These days, the noise even at that time, bothers me quite a bit. If we took an apartment on a higher floor, this problem would be eliminated.

The commute to my office also takes me about 45 minutes each way on most days. Moving to that part of town would reduce this by half at the very least.

We've seen some apartments. Nothing has quite worked out yet.

We often wonder if we would be able to adjust to an apartment after living for so long in a house. I am also a little worried about the availability of good quality water for my dialysis. Our requirement would be more than the average household.

We've still not made up our minds. The cycle of see-a-good-place, almost-decide, back-off has been repeating much too often for our own good.

We must either bite the bullet and move or stay put here for a few more years. We must decide!