Wah re marketing!

I happened to taste Cranberry Juice from Real at my brother's house one day. I really liked the taste. I promptly bought a one litre pack a few days later and kept it in my refrigerator to sip whenever I felt like some. A few weeks after that pack got over, I went to the supermarket and happened to see a Real Cranberry Juice packet on the shelf there.

I picked it up and checked the ingredients.

If you look at it carefully, you realise that the main ingredient is water, next is sugar and in third place is Cranberry Juice concentrate. Also only 2% of the contents are actual cranberry juice! What kind of gimmick is this? Only 2%!

My eyes then fell on a packet of Tropicana Cranberry Juice. I picked that up and checked the ingredients. I thought this might be better as they have all this '100%' campaign going on.

I was in for a huge shock. Water and sugar were first and second on expected lines. However, Red Grape Juice was third and Concentrated Apple Juice was fourth! Concentrated Cranberry juice was fifth and was only a measly 0.5%!

Who allows this kind of nonsense? Aren't the regulatory authorities supposed to check such fraudulent practices? How can something that has more grape and apple juice than cranberry juice be sold as Cranberry Juice?

I had a problem with the Real product as well because that contained only 2% Cranberry Juice. and here was the Tropicana version that really took the cake!

We all need to learn to read the ingredients of what we buy from stores. I read somewhere that we should never buy anything that has more than three ingredients. While that would be really difficult to practice, at least reading the ingredients of products would give us a lot of information on what we are actually buying.


Unknown said…
Yeah, every time i buy juices, I get angry after seeing the ingredients. i also noticed the amount of real cranberry content in the Un'Real' juice as i heard cranberry juice is an effective diuretic. but then i laughed after seeing the content. Not sure where we can get the actual juice.
ilangovan said…
After read the label i stolped buying these flavoured sugar waters. Absolutely unhealthy and misleading ad.