Health Update

I got done with my surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on the 15th of June. The surgery was uneventful. I was home before lunch the same day. In the days after the surgery, (19th of June) however, I foolishly tried to move a sofa in my house with my right leg after which I sprained my right thigh badly. I did not realise until the next day however that the pain I was having in my right thigh was due to the sprain. I put it down to the side effects of the antibiotic.

On the 20th evening, when it struck me that it had been a full day since the last dose of my antibiotic and the pain was showing no signs of relenting, I thought about it and figured that the pain could be due to the sprain that could have been caused by moving the sofa!

I went to the orthopedic doctor who did the surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was examined by him. He concluded that it was muscular and thankfully not related to the bones. He prescribed a muscle-relaxant and some pain killer. By the end of that week, I was feeling better. By Monday, the 29th, the pain was completely gone.

This week I have started going to office after a ten day gap. From the last couple of days, I have resumed swimming as well. I hit the pool after about three months. I am taking it a little easy to begin with though.

I have been suggested a synovectomy in the left knee to send the synovial fluid for a biopsy to try and figure out the cause for the pain that I have been having for the last 8-9 months there. I have decided to delay it for some time as I have been through quite a lot in the last couple of weeks.


Abhinav said…
You will always keep bouncing back man!! Like you always have
Punita said…
Kamal, congratulations for overcoming your nagging problem of carpal tunnel syndrome. I was missing your daily dose of spirited writing.

Your enthusiasm is infectious!!