NxStage System One completes ten years, no signs of coming to India

The revolutionary portable dialysis machine that has enabled home hemodialysis for many patients in the US has completed ten years. More than a hundred patients recently celebrated their ten year anniversary with the machine. Despite criticisms of the machine by renowned experts especially with regard to the high blood flow rates (necessitated by the low use of dialysate to make it portable), this machine has really changed life for many. 

When you think about it, though home hemo in itself is a huge life-changer, the added convenience of a portable hemodialysis machine takes this freedom achieved due to home hemo to a whole new level. 

For me personally, the inability to travel without the shackles of a fluid and diet restriction is a major killjoy. Who wants to have these sickening restrictions on a vacation? In fact, when you’re used to not having any restrictions at home, having them on a vacation actually makes the outing sometimes feel torturous!

The fact that not one company has been able to come out with an alternative to the System One is quite astounding. Ten years is a long time. Though there are many companies that have a machine in the works, not one has been able to hit the market. 

And what keeps the System One from India? Are we more than ten years behind the US? This is a really sorry state of affairs. I complain about the lack of Soliris to enable me to have a kidney transplant. I have stated in the past that I will stop complaining; just give me the NxStage machine!


Kartik said…
Is the problem behind these companies not starting their operations here more of an administrative hurdle? Or is it just the companies not being interested?
Kamal D Shah said…
In the US, most healthcare is covered by insurance companies. Their insurance plans cover all sessions done on the machines. The company provides these machines free of charge and charges per session. In India, very few people are covered by insurance companies and none of them cover this kind of dialysis. So, NxStage knows that there will not be many takers for their machines since everyone would have to pay out of pocket.
Hi Kamal,
Can we import one piece for my father?
What are the costs involved and approximate total price?
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Radhakrishna. K V