Just 3 days to go for the Indian Dialysis Olympiad!

The second edition of the Indian Dialysis Olympiad is this Sunday in Delhi. If you’re on dialysis and in Delhi or close by, you should definitely attend. Even if you are not close by, you should try to attend as are many people from around the country. It will be an experience you will never forget.

Why attend the Olympiad? Well, people in India have a bad misconception that when you get onto dialysis, life as you know it comes to an end. Your life will be restricted to the dialysis centre and your home (bed specifically!). Nothing could be farther from the truth. People on dialysis lead active lives. Many dialysis patients trek, swim, work and lead almost normal lives.

You can see this for yourself on Sunday where people on dialysis will participate in various events like running, cycling, basketball, table tennis, cricket etc. On Sunday we expect about 400-500 patients say to the world, “I can!”

Come to participate if you’re on dialysis. Come to cheer them if you are not.