A dream comes true: NephroPlus arrives in Goa

When we started NephroPlus, I always dreamt that we would have a dialysis centre one day in Goa. I had gone to Goa a few times after getting on to Home hemo and got dialysis in different centres there. I was not at all happy with most of them. I had also read about a dialysis centre in Australia that overlooked the Great Barrier Reef and had glass walls from ceiling to floor where the dialysis stations faced the ocean. I could not let go of that image and thought Goa would be an ideal place to set up such a centre in India. 

Eight years after starting NephroPlus, that dream is one step closer to reality. We still do not have a centre overlooking the ocean but have setup our first centre in Goa. The centre is inside Victor Hospital in Margao. I had undergone dialysis in this centre on one of my trips to Goa much before NephroPlus was born. I visited the new centre during my recent Goa trip. What a beautiful centre this has turned out to be!

Here is a video of me speaking during my visit to the centre:

I have always believed in the magic of taking a holiday for those on dialysis. A break from the routine can be welcome for anyone; more so if you’re on dialysis. That is why we were all excited about the Holiday Dialysis program in the company. Till date, several patients from all over the country and indeed the world over have utilised this program to enjoy a relaxing vacation while not having to worry about the quality of dialysis they would get while away from their base location. 

With comfortable weather, a host of fun things to do and excellent beaches, Goa is the ideal getaway destination for dialysis patients. Merely driving through sleepy Goan towns with lush greenery all around can be such a pleasure.

So, I would encourage all dialysis patients looking for a holiday to consider Goa the next time they want a break.

You can email holidaydialysis@nephroplus.com or call +91-40-6000-7200 to find out more.


Ketan K said…
This is wonderful !! Heartiest congratulations.