An unintended benefit of having a small appetite

As I wrote some time back  I stopped taking antacids recently. This has reduced my appetite quite dramatically. I have now lost about eight and half kilograms. I continue to put on less fluid weight between dialysis sessions.

Yesterday I realised that I got one more benefit from this - eating mindfully.

I am a big fan of idlis. I frequent this place called Govind’s in Hyderabad which serves really delightful idlis. When I had a ravenous appetite, I used to gobble up a large number of idlis quickly, one after another. I did realise at some point that I was eating too fast and that I should slow down and try to relish every morsel. I tried but inevitably after a couple of bites, I would becomes fast again.

Yesterday, I knew I was going to be able to eat only one plate. I ate slowly, relishing every bite, feeling the taste and texture of the idli and the chutney. I enjoyed the experience.

Many of us probably go about life in such a rush that we don’t actually enjoy each moment even though we are doing something we purportedly like. Our minds are occupied with a hundred other things and we don’t realise that we have gone through our favourite activity without actually being present. Meditation has helped me realise this and try to change it from time to time. I have a lions way to go but I at least I have begun the journey.

Being present and being active in the moment giving our full to the present activity enables us to live a life more fulfilling.