Mindless Karni Sena

Padmaavat releases today. In escalation of the violence perpetrated by the lunatics that go by the name Karni Sena, yesterday in Gurugram, a bus carrying school kids was attacked. What is shocking is that the BJP state governments that do not want to release the film are more worried about how to stop screening the film than on how to control the rioting.

PM Modi may be too big to comment on this ‘minor’ issue. What is he and his party doing to protect the citizens who are doing nothing illegal by deciding to watch the film? Is the film going to be screened in the BJP ruled states? What a clever strategy these people have devised. Stand by in silence while the Karni Sena thugs go about vandalising property. Cinema owners would be scared to screen the film fearing damage to their property. That way, a ban would be achieved without any court, government or police intervention.

People accuse the Modi government of being more talk than action. This is one case for sure where this is turning out to be true. 

Two things must be emphasised here. The belligerent rascals from the Karni Sena haven’t even watched the damn film. What on earth are they protesting? Hearsay? And for a moment, let us assume that there is something in the film that they find objectionable. Who is going to decide what can be shown in a film, written in a book or expressed in a blog? Everything can be found objectionable by someone or the other. Where is this going to stop?

Why is the government sitting silently and watching the drama? There is no point in making nice-sounding speeches at international summits when back home, this kind of shameless pandering to mindless fringe groups continues.


Punita said…
Kudos Kamal ! You hit the hammer spot on.
B said…
Very sad what is happening in India.