Make the Karni Sena pay for the damage

I saw Padmaavat yesterday. Nothing in the film depicts the Rajputs in a negative light. What was all the fuss about? What exactly was the Karni Sena protesting? Why did the four states that banned the film do this? What kind of mockery have we turned ourselves into?

Everyone seems to have forgotten the way the Karni goons announced rewards for Deepika Padukone’s nose. We have also forgotten the damage done by them to public property and the way they held the film makers to ransom. They have apparently taken back their protest after watching the film and have announced their support to the film offering to help to release the film.

This would have been funny had it not been so completely ridiculous.

I can guarantee that no government is going to take any action on the Karni Sena. They will be allowed to get away scot-free. This is not the denouement that we should allow. Stringent action must be taken against the thugs of the Sena that unleashed their mindless and unjustified fury against the film makers. They should be made to pay for the damage caused. They must be made to compensate the producer of the film with the revenue that the film has lost. Take the revenue of states with a similar population and make the goons pay this to the producer. If this is not paid within thirty days, arrest the office bearers of the Karni Sena under sections similar to those when compensation is not paid as ordered by the court. 

The judiciary must make an example out of this incident so that no lunatic fringe group can ever dare to commit such a crime again.