The Lighter Side of Dialysis by Peter Quaife

Peter Quaife was the founding member of the band, The Kinks. He was on dialysis from 1998 to 2010. When Quaife went for his dialysis sessions, as a way to kill time during the four hour sessions, he started sketching cartoons about dialysis. All these cartoons were collected and published as a book called The Lighter Side of Dialysis.

What a great way to pass time on dialysis. The cartoons have been made available as a free download some time back on this website which is of the Pete Quaife Foundation.

My favourite cartoon is this one:



Unknown said…
Haha...I love his cartoons. I use them extensively on our fb pages, to show lighter side of Dialysis.
Thanks Kamal for this, otherwise it would have kept me wondering who is this humourist.